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Meet Kobe! This lovable pup is currently searching for a good, loving home. Whether playing all day or relaxing on the couch, Kobe promises to be your most loving companion. This cutie will arrive to his new home up to date on vaccinations and vet checks. Kobe can’t wait to jump into your arms and shower you with his many, many puppy kisses! Don’t miss out!




where can I buy a dalmatian puppy


Furthermore, Our white and are adaptable. Due to their high energy and need for exercise, they do not tend to do well in apartments and are better-suited to houses with yards. They can tolerate some alone time, if socialized properly. However, they do love to be with their families, so you don’t want to leave them alone for too long, especially because they’ll need to expel some built-up energy.

In addition, Liver Dalmations do well in most climates. As with many dog breeds, they are sensitive to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Due to their short coat, they handle hot weather a little better than some dog breeds. You should still watch them carefully to ensure they are not getting overheated in the summer. Also because of their short coat, they may feel the chill a little more in the winter than some thicker-coated dog breeds. A good winter jacket and some other


As with all dog breeds, the Liver Dalmatian has some health conditions to be aware of. Common health issues include deafness, kidney stones, and joint issues like elbow and hip dysplasia. Although deafness is common in the breed, you can check the genetic history of the parents and the hearing of the puppies to identify this issue early.
A Dalmatian that is unilaterally deaf, which means it is only in one ear, can live a relatively normal life without special assistance. However, a dog that is bilaterally deaf, which means it is in both ears, will need assistance and special considerations to live a normal life. In addition to the genetic history of the parents, you can also ask to see health clearances, like a Hip Evaluation from the National Breed Club, to allay other potential health concerns

    • where can I buy a dalmatian puppy
    • Activity Level: High
    • Grooming Level: Low
    • Trainability: Moderate
    • Adaptability: Moderate
    • Kid/Pet Friendly: Often
    • Average Size: Medium
    • Average Lifespan: 13-16 Years
    • Prey Drive: Low
    • Watchdog: Chill
    • Registered: Akc

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  1. Rebecca F

    Thank you to Dalmatian4sales for helping me find the perfect puppy! We absolutely love him and would reccommend the site to anyone looking to purchase a puppy! we also love the fact you remove a puppy when purchased

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