Moyo is one of the mini dalmatian puppies for sale. He is vet checked and vaccinated , updated on shots and comes with accessories. Moyo has a great temperament and is a standard Dalmatian. He is good with kids and other pets, loves kisses and hugs and his not a barker.

His Siblings are black  and white dalmatian puppies, He got his spots from his mom and the others from dad. He is registered with the AKC and comes with a six month genetic health guarantee provided by the breeder! To welcome this puppy into your home please contact us

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 mini dalmatian puppies for sale

 mini dalmatian puppies for sale at Affordable prices 

Dog Group: Non-Sporting
Size: 22-24 inches tall, 40-60 lbs
Lifespan: 10-13 years
Energy Level: High
Coat: Short, dense, and glossy
Shedding: Heavy
Hypoallergenic: No

dalmatian puppies for sale in bay area : History

The origins of the Dalmatian are, for the most part, unknown. MeanWhile, it was named after Dalmatia, a region in western Yugoslavia that’s now known as Croatia, it most likely did not originate there. Over the years, Dalmatians are for a variety of purposes, from herding to retrieving. The breed was very popular in England as a coaching dog, used to clear pathways before horses, run alongside the coach, and even guard the horses and coach when not in use.

In fact, Dalmatians remain especially fond of horses today. In the United States, the Dalmatian had a different purpose and was mainly used as a firehouse dog. Today,dalmatian puppies for sale in maryland are mainly in homes as companions and family dogs.

dalmatian puppies for sale usa  :Temperament

Dalmatians are playful, energetic, and sensitive dogs that thrive on companionship. They’re at their happiest when spending time with people, especially their family members. dalmatian puppies for sale in pa  love involve in family activities, and do not tolerate to be alone for long periods of time. Without enough human interaction, these dogs may become destructive or experience separation anxiety.

Around strangers, a Dalmatian is usually quiet and sometimes timid. Dals usually get along with other dogs and pets, but it’s best if they’re been raise with them.


very energetic and love to exercise, so they’re not ideal for apartment living. With enough physical and mental stimulation, though, the  Dalmatian Puppies for adoption are behave well at home. Over all, in the right home, these dogs make excellent companions and family pets.Other available Dalmatian Puppies for sale ? : Click here & Get More information on  AKC Dalmatian breed here!

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