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Becky is 10 weeks and is ready to join her new home. This adorable Dalmatian dog puppy for sale is full of life and can’t wait to spoil you with love and attention. She is a purebred dalmatian puppy family raised with children and his mom is the family’s beloved pet. She is vet checked and up to date on shots and wormer. She is also be registered AKC and comes with a six month genetic health guarantee, To welcome this puppy into your home please contact




Dalmatians for sale

Dalmatians for sale- Firstly, Becky is an energetic dalmatian puppy and comes with her vet papers together with her accessories.

Secondly, we have lots of cute dalmatian puppies with different characteristics. They are blue eye dalmatian puppies for sale and cheap puppies under $500.

Condition: Dalmatian puppies for sale

Thirdly, Dalmatians do well in most climates. As with many dog breeds, they are sensitive to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Due to their short coat, they handle hot weather a little better than some dog breeds. You should still watch them carefully to ensure they are not getting overheated in the summer. Also because of their short coat, they may feel the chill a little more in the winter than some thicker-coated dog breeds. A good winter jacket and some other winter gear.

Dalmatian Puppy Adaptability

In addition to this , the Dalmatian is moderately adaptable. Due to their high energy and need for exercise, they do not tend to do well in apartments and are better-suite  to houses with yards. They can tolerate some alone time, if socialized properly.

However, they do love to be with their families, so you don’t want to leave them alone for too long, especially because they’ll need to expel some built-up energy.

Furthermore, This dog breed is loyal and courageous. They are loyal, protective, and affectionate towards their families. Dalmatians also tend to get along well with children and other animals. Due to their protective guard dog origins, they are often dependable watchdogs that can be aloof and suspicious of strangers.

Activity : Dalmatians puppy for sale

Finally, Built for running ahead of the horse carriages of firehouses past to clear the way, the Dalmatian is athletic and has a high energy level. They need daily walks and plenty of exercise to remain happy and healthy. Because the Dalmatian is built to run and has plenty of endurance, they are one of the

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  1. Amy and Jacob

    Looking at the reviews I was also skeptical in getting a puppy through this site. My wife and my girls wanted a puppy so bad I decided to give it a try. We were looking for a Dal puppy and found Daisy which got removed cuz we purchased, now known as Lizzy,. The breeder asked a couple of questions and decided to go through with it. We had to pay to make the sure no one else bought it. We paid it through zelle which I thought was good because its somewhat secure. We drove 3 hours to get to the breeders farm. When we got there we got greeted by a Amish man and Lizzy as well as her siblings running around. The place looked clean and you can tell the puppies were well kept. they also had kids which the puppies interacted with and that was good. We asked a few questions and they answered all of them. We were also able to meet Lizzy’s parents and they looked healthy and well kept as well

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